Pfeifen Zeremonie für Frieden

Österreich / Kärnten / 9241 Wernberg / AM STERNBERG

Lieber Leser,
Ich gebe dir eine ganz spezielle wichtige Einladung von meinem liebe Freund Jim, Träger der "United Nation Pipe" weiter. Die "United Nation Pipe" ist eine besondere Pfeife und steht vor allem für den Frieden zwischen den Völkern. Er und diese Pfeife sind gerade eben in Deutschland.

Nachricht von Darrel:

Liebe Freunde, mein Beitrag und meine Einladung, euch mit uns zu verbinden:
Wir werden uns mit den 150+ "Sacred Pipe" Pfeifenträgern und den Völkern dieser Erde zusammenschließen. An diesem Sonntag, 20.03. um 10:30 Uhr nehmen wir mit einer Pfeifen Zeremonie zur Verhinderung des 3. Weltkrieges, an diesem wichtigen Impuls für Frieden teil. Wir schließen alle Plätze dieser Welt wo Frieden gebraucht ist sowie den Frieden in uns mit ein. Darrel wird mit der Donner-Peife diese Zeremonie anleiten. Sei dabei, verbinde dich mit deiner dir ganz persönlichen Kraft und Gabe mit uns.
Für ALLE die gerne PHYSISCH, mit uns an einem Platz, an dieser Pfeifen Zeremonie ANWESEND sein wollen/können, wir treffen uns um 10:00 Uhr in Österreich / Kärnten / 9241 Wernberg / AM STERNBERG / Am Parkplatz vor der Kirche.
Gerne teile diese Einladung mit deinem Netzwerk und lass uns weiterhin gemeinsam einen Impuls für den Frieden setzen. Möge Frieden in uns durch uns und um uns fließen.
Darrel (Träger der Sacred Thunder Pipe in Europa)

Übersetzung des ersten Teils der Einladung von Jim Medicine Tree:

Eine besondere Einladung, an diesem Wochenende, inspiriert von unserer höheren Quelle / Kraft, an der Verhinderung des 3. Weltkriegs teilzunehmen. Ja, das ist möglich. Jede Kultur auf diesem Planeten hat eine Möglichkeit, sich durch Gebet, Zeremonie, Meditation usw. zu verbinden und eine friedliche Existenz mitzugestalten. Finde eine Möglichkeit, mit deiner persönliche Kraft mitzumachen Es ist erwiesen, dass wir, wenn sich viele in einem gemeinsamen Beitrag zusammenschließen, einen messbaren Einfluss auf menschliche Situationen haben können. Ich werde dies im Folgenden ausführlich erläutern, aber zuerst die spezifische Einladung.
Irgendwann in den Tagen des 18., 19. und 20. März wird der gemeinsame Ausdruck für den Geist des Friedens in die Realität dieser physischen Welt projiziert werden. Begleite uns auf die Art und Weise, die zu dir passt, zu deiner Zeit und für deine Lebenssituation geeignet ist. Ich werde bei diesen Bemühungen von mindestens 150 Betreuern der "Sacred Pipe" der amerikanischen Ureinwohner aus der ganzen Welt unterstützt. Möchtest du nicht auch deinen Ausdruck, deiner Gabe der Kraft von deinem gewählten Weg beitragen? Es macht einen Unterschied.
 Ausführungen und Inspirationen:
 Am 18.03. wird es eine besondere Zeremonie von Gruppen von Frauen geben, die die "Womans Water Song" Zeremonie in vielen Teilen der Welt durchführen. Am 19.03. wird es an vielen Orten auf der ganzen Welt Schwitzhüttenzeremonien geben. Am 20.03. wird es weltweit Zeremonien und Feierlichkeiten zur Frühlings-Tagundnachtgleiche geben. Füge deinen Beitrag mit uns hinzu.

Die gesamte Einladung in englischer Sprache:
Hi everyone, Please pass on to any e-mail lists you may have. Blue sky.....not red....Jim
 A special invitation to participate this weekend, inspired by our higher source/power, in preventing World War 3. Yes, it is possible. Every culture on this planet has a way to connect and co-create a peaceful existence through prayer, ceremony, meditation, etc. Find the way that is your own personal power and join in. It has been proven that when many join together in a common though expression, we can have a measurable effect on human situations. I will explain this in detail below, but first, the specific invitation.
Sometime during the days of March 18th, 19th, and 20th, corporate expression for the Spirit of Peace will be projected out into the reality of this physical world. Join in with us by whatever way fits you at a time that is appropriate for you and your life situation. I will be joined in this effort by at least 150 care takers of the Native American Sacred Pipe from all over the world. Won’t you add your expression of your gift of power from your chosen path? It will make a difference.
 The specifics and inspiration.
 On the 18th there will be special ceremony from groups of women conducting the Womans Water Song ceremony in many parts of the world. On the 19th there will be Sweat Lodge ceremonies in many places around the world. On the 20th globally there will be ceremonies and celebration of the Spring Equinox. Add your expression with us.
 What inspired this? Today, March 15th, I woke up in Germany. Of course, there is much talk about the situation and war in Europe. As I looked outside, I noticed that many of the local birds were acting unusually and I heard that this spring time there had been no rain from the day the conflict had started three weeks ago. This was unusual for this time of year here. I felt that it was as if nature was calling for a Thunder Pipe ceremony to co-create nurturing rain for the area. I asked the Sacred Pipe holder here to do the ceremony with me down by the lake. She agreed and about 10 am we walked down to the shoreline to hold the ceremony.
 As she sent up the sacred smoke with the prayers and requests for rain, I received a strong message that there was going to be some unusual changes in the weather and to watch for it.
 We finished the ceremony and walked back to her place to warm up with some hot coffee and just as we got there, it began to rain. That was not unusual, so we sat with our coffee and discussed the ceremony.
 In a little while the air all around the house actually turned yellow. Like the air was filled with a thick color that also darkened the sun. It looked like it was dusk in the middle of the day. Then there was the most unusual thunder I have ever heard. Long low rumbling thunder that lasted for several minutes at a time.
 The rain increased and lasted quite a while, falling in a gentil, nourishing way. It is what we call a "Female rain." My dear friend and host, Barbara, googled how the yellow air could be caused and found the we were receiving a dust storm from the Sahara Desert, 3,025 km away! (It is one its way across the Atlantic heading for the USA.)
 We continued to watch this unusual experience and the inspiration to call on a worldwide ceremony to co-create an expression of the spirit of world peace began to unfold. We were instructed to not desire results for one side of conflict or the other, and there are so many new/old conflicts flaring up around the world right now. The answer to the world situation will not be military, not political, but a shift in the human situation and perspective of what is truly import to all of us.
 So, will you join us in sending out the energy of our thoughts in a meaningful way sometime in these upcoming days? We are in a special time predicted from over one thousand years ago by the Hopi Nation in Arizona, USA, called the time of purification.
 "Indeed, four years earlier, at a Hotevilla (Hopi) meeting that was full of conflict between the "Progressives" and the Traditionals, at the beginning of the meeting, the prophet begun to sing. All present became panicked and urged him to stop singing. It was the long-awaited Purification Song that called upon the Higher Forces, and is meant to be sung only once. "Stop singing, it is not time yet. Stop, Stop, Stop!" But he didn’t heed, and he kept on until he was half way through the song. Suddenly he stopped. On August 27th, 1994 at the full moon, the Purification Song was sung in completion. At almost the same time the prophesied White Buffalo was born."
 We are almost through the time of purification when we have the ability to co-create a world of peace and prosperity, equally for all. This needs to be done now.
"THE TIME OF PURIFICATION. The final stage, called the Time of Purification, is described as the hatching of a "mystery egg" in which the forces of the creation and create a time symbolized by the color red, culminating in either total rebirth or total annihilation -- we don’t yet know which, but the choice is ours. War and natural catastrophe may be involved. The degree of violence will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and in the balance of nature. In this crisis, rich and poor will be forced to struggle as equals to survive."
 Remember, we have the ability to have an effect of how this all plays out.
 Blue sky, James Tree-Gilmore